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Complaints Handling Policy

1 Introduction

Chrisco Hampers Limited New Zealand (Chrisco) is committed to providing customers with the highest standard of customer service.

2 We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations every day. In the event that we fall short of this aim, however, this document explains how you can have your concerns addressed.

We treat all feedback about our performance as an opportunity to learn more about our customers’ needs and to improve our service.
Chrisco is committed to treating your concerns seriously and to resolving all customer complaints quickly and fairly. We encourage you to speak with us about any concerns.
Finally, you don’t need to be a Chrisco customer to lodge a complaint.

3 How to lodge a complaint

To make it easy for you to provide us with your feedback, we have five ways for you to contact us.
Chrisco New Zealand

Call: 0800 555 333, between 9am – 5:00pm weekdays (excluding public holidays)

Scan or Email: cs@chrisco.co.nz

Send a letter

Chrisco New Zealand

Freepost 140717
PO Box 100688
North Shore, Auckland 0745
(no stamp required)


Fax: 0800 553 355

Contact us using our online form:   https://www.chrisco.co.nz/ContactUs/

4 Resolving your complaint

We’ll work hard to resolve your complaint when you first make contact with us. In many
cases, a complaint may be resolved at the initial point of contact.

4.1 Timetables for acknowledgement

Chrisco will acknowledge your complaint:
• immediately, where your complaint is lodged by telephone with a Chrisco
customer service representative; or
• within two business day of us receiving your complaint through our online form,
by email, through postal mail or by fax.

4.2 Our commitment to you

In order to manage complaints consistently, Chrisco will:

• Contact you and respond to your complaint within a mutually agreed time; and

• Where your complaint requires investigation, we will contact you by phone or
email and provide you with relevant progress updates.

• Log your complaint in our Complaint Handling System.

We aim to satisfactorily address all complaints promptly.

Our complaints process is accessible to every one of our customers. If, however, you’d
prefer a friend or family member to work with us on your behalf, you can nominate them
as an authorised representative.

You’re also welcome to contact us at any time for further information on your complaint.

5 What happens next?

If you’re pleased with the outcome, we’ll consider the matter resolved.

If you’re not satisfied with how your complaint is handled, please contact us by one of the
methods outlined above.

Further, if the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, then we would recommend
you contact your Fair Trading Agency or Ombudsman.