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Check Out These 7 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

Chrisco Blog -      A great way to keep kids and adults entertained after all the Christmas presents are unwrapped it to play some Christmas games. We love the idea of a Christmas scavenger hunt. Get the kids involved with hiding and finding. Another great idea shared is rather than throwing out all the wrapping paper and ribbon away from the presents is to set the kids at crafty challenge. Load them up with glue, tape and the salvaged Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon and set them to creating their most own creative invention. You can then create a jugging panel made up of ...


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77 DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas To Sprinkle Your House With Christmas Joy!

Chrisco Blog -      This Christmas why not make every room look as festive as possible with these awesome DIY Christmas decorating ideas. We asked our team a Chrisco to choose the Christmas decoration they liked the best from the list and the winners were: 1. Number 27 - The Gifty Centerpiece 2. Number 44 - Takeout Box Advent Calendar 3. Number 58 - Game Piece Ornaments We hope you find some great ideas to get your Christmas crafting into gear.


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35 Best Christmas Songs As Voted By Cosmo!

Chrisco Blog -      We love a great Christmas boogie here at Chrisco. With the Christmas party season well and truly upon us we thought we would look for some tips on the best Christmas songs of all time. We stumbled across this great article from Cosmo the list the 35 best Christmas songs of all time. We are going to share these around the Chrisco office! We hope they get you into the Christmas spirit. NOTE of warning - some of them can drive you a bit mad so limit how much you play them because they will get stuck in your head ...


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Avoid Family Drama This Christmas!

Chrisco Blog -      It really doesn't matter how much we love our families Christmas time can often be at time of high stress and Christmas day can bring out the best and worst in people. In this great article there are 7 strategies to help you enjoy a drama free Christmas day. We love Christmas here at Chrisco and we love delivering goodies to families to make their Christmas day wonderful. We hope these tips help to make this Christmas your best Christmas yet!


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Delicious Ideas For Christmas Entertaining

Chrisco Blog -      Yum Yum Yum! Check out these great Christmas entertaining ideas from Taste. From a delicious Christmas layer dip to prawns and yummy tarts. There is plenty here to tempt you. Remember if you are an existing Chrisco customers its not too long before you receive your Toy and Gift catalogue and inside will be this year recipe calendar filled with other great ideas to fill your bellies with goodness.


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Who Doesn't Love A Sausage Roll? Check Out These Homemade Pork & chorizo sausage rolls

Chrisco Blog -      Yum...a sausage roll is a family favourite. The team at Chrisco just love a delicious pastry wrapped filling for lunch or a quick Sunday night dinner. We couldn't not share this great recipe with you when we stumbled across at BabyMac. This delicious recipe takes the traditional sausage roll and gives it a delicious twist. These are great to eat as soon as they are baked, or if you have the self control (which we struggle with) to save some they are great to freeze and have when friends drop in. Thanks Baby Mac for the great recipe.


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Want To Know 6 Ways to trick kids into tidying up?

Chrisco Blog -      Bargain Mums shares some really great tips to help you out if you find yourself constantly asking the kids to help tidy up. As she tells us it - 's - so important for kids to learn to help with tidying up. She tells us that turning cleaning into a game has always worked wonders in her house, so in her list of 6 ways to stick kids into tidying up she gives some really creative ideas. As she says these tips help make cleaning fun, gets the house cleaned and lower your stress levels! It - ' - s a win-win for everyone! The post 6 ...


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Check out these 16 Amazing Recipes In A Mug from Stay At Home Mum!

Chrisco Blog -      Check out these great recipes from Stay At Home Mum all delicious and created in a mug. From Chocolate Coconut Flour Mug to a Red Hot Apple Pie In Mug.... They are super delicious and even easier to make. Stay At Home has combined great recipes from their tribe to share with you. Simply delicious you should check them out.


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Are You A Helicopter Parent ?

Chrisco Blog -      In this great article from Ruth from Living Well Spending Less...she shares some great tips if you or someone you is a bit of a helicopter parent. Ruth shares with us that we all fear hovering a little too closely and robbing our kids of independence and confidence, but it's hard to determine where the line is. She lists great questions to as yourself and some solutions to help you avoid the helicopter title. The post Don't Be a Helicopter Parent (and Other Mistakes to Avoid) appeared first on Living Well Spending Less.


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